Nicole Cary | Marketing Specialist

Nicole Cary

Nicole Cary is the Marketing Specialist at Hightower Bellevue. With more than 15 years of strategic marketing experience, she brings a deep background in both retail and digital marketing to the team. Nicole’s key responsibilities include the development of marketing campaigns designed to support client service and business development initiatives. Her key areas of focus include launching digital marketing campaigns, developing and coordinating events, and partnering with local charities to support the Bellevue community. Prior to Hightower Bellevue, Nicole served as the Director of Marketing at Brenthaven, where she oversaw the retail and digital marketing teams. While at Brenthaven, she was responsible for the redesign and launch of a new website, as well as the management of wholesale tradeshow schedules, marketing and ROI. Previously, she held marketing management positions at Vitamin Shoppe and Nicole earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and General Business from Santa Clara University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outside with her family. She also enjoys playing tennis, and hopes to one day play with her whole family.

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